We won ICC runner-up!

I was selected as the runner-up at the ICC SAKE AWARD held the other day! ! 👏

The winner is “Rice and Agave”!
On the last stage, they were drinking hot sake, and when I looked back, it was so hot that Okazumi-san and Ro-san were turning on the hot sake DJ. I was nervous.

The ICC SAKE AWARD is a competition in which 11 sake breweries from all over the country decide on the best salmon in terms of taste, commitment to manufacturing methods, branding, and empathy for the idea.
The main feature was that it was a ``salmon mixed martial arts battle,'' and in addition to sake, craft salmon, beer, wine, cider, gin, liqueur, and even mead genres participated.

When I was invited to the ICC tournament and saw the participants, I felt like I was being categorized as either ``sake'' or ``non-sake,'' so to be honest, I was really upset. I didn't want to end up just setting things up, so I was filled with a slightly evil, not very positive motivation.

But before the preliminaries, I was moved by everyone's great enthusiasm and genuine desire to make the tournament more exciting. I went into the tournament with the feeling that this was the day when history would truly change.

I made a lot of preparations, but from the first day of qualifying, my strategy was to push with passion.
I was confident in my taste, and my desire to create a new drinking culture was second to none.I fought with passion, and I was able to get through the preliminaries.

The next day's quarterfinals and semifinals were pretty tough. I had a medical checkup in the morning and took Valium for the first time in my life, so my stomach hurts and I haven't done any documentation.
Then I guess it's passion.

Perhaps because the cold sweat from the Valium added a serious look to their expressions, I could feel the judges' eyes becoming more serious. Thankfully, I passed the quarterfinals and semifinals in 1st place and made it to the finals against Ina and Agave.
We hope for the finals with the hopes of all the liquor stores, restaurants, staff, and families across the country who have supported us from our founding until now.

I didn't get any results.

It's frustrating but I love you all! It became. I really love everyone who fought with me, thank you very much! I was so frustrated that I decided to do Mr. Okazumi's winning pose at the factory. I hope I can win next time. I need to practice making hot sake.