Future product release schedule

Oh no, it's hot. Summer is in full swing.
These days, we are still working hard at the factory! On the day of preparation, the temperature inside the factory easily exceeds 40℃. Heeeeeeeee.

We will inform you of the future mead release schedule!

As a new attempt, we are planning to create many new recipes such as mead using rice and rice malt, peach and apple mead, etc. We will also restock items that are sold out. We will introduce them on Instagram and HP!

looking forward to~!

<Future release schedule>
Kiwi Blanc (kiwifruit mead): Mid-August
A White Hat (sweet summer mead): Mid-August Rice malt mead: Late August
Kinoshita (pink grapefruit and chili pepper mead): Early September Renewed Saison Beer: Mid-September Peach mead: Early September Apple mead: Early November Mead barrel-aged in bourbon barrels: Barrel-aged in December bourbon barrels Dark Bragot: December
Trappist Chocolat (Belgian dark ale mead): this winter