〈Brewer's Note〉Ichigo Brut

Introducing ``Ichigo Brut'' made with strawberries from Felice, a strawberry farm located 5 minutes by car from the factory.

〈Factory→Strawberry Field〉

Strawberry farm Felice is located just a short drive from the factory. Felice's slogan is "Delicious! Fun! Vitamin C!" Vitamin C has excellent antioxidant properties and is expected to be widely used in the beer industry as an excellent additive to prevent oxidation, but what about strawberries?

When I asked for a tour of the farm, he kindly agreed, and when I went to see it right away, I found a nice strawberry picking house. When I entered, the sweet and slightly nostalgic smell of strawberries filled the air. Felice grows three types of strawberries: Benihoppe, Akihime, and Kaorino, and this time she used a mix of them.

Strawberry picking is available from Christmas until the end of May, so if you come to Yasu next spring, be sure to go strawberry picking!

〈Tasiting Note〉

The color is a transparent amber. Strawberry jam, rich weizenbier-like esters, white flowers. The bright flavor and sourness of young strawberries make it a drink that you won't get tired of drinking. Although the residual sugar is low among meads, the rich aroma makes this one bottle satisfying. You can pair it with appetizers and salads, or finish it off with a creamy dessert. The unique earthy aroma and strong salty taste of chevre (goat cheese) seem to go particularly well together.

Honey: Honey from Myanmar Fruits: Benihoppe, Akihime, Kaorino Fermentation: The whole fruit juice is mixed with honey, fermented, and aged in a tank for one and a half months.
Alcohol: 9.7%
pH: 3.64
Residual sugar: 34.2g/L
Contents: 750ml

〈Mead making〉

We use Felice's freshly picked strawberries to make up for 20% of the liquid. Many strawberries have a strong acidity, so I had high expectations that they would have a sweet aroma and beautiful acidity. Blend the entire amount in a blender and add it to the tank without passing heat. Bottled after several rounds of racking.

Start yeast for white wine at 13℃. Strawberries have extremely high nutritional value, and fermentation is very active, producing plenty of esters derived from fermentation even at low temperatures. While aging in tank for a month and a half, the lees are removed many times and the wine is refined until it has a beautiful body feel. Perfect for the refreshing season before summer. Let it cool completely before enjoying.