〈Brewer's Note〉Ben's

Ben grows many crops such as wheat and citrus fruits without pesticides. Ben's is a slightly sweet mead made with ripe pumpkins harvested from Ben's field!

〈Factory→Bee Yard〉

We started beekeeping in March of this year, and we keep bees in Ben's field, which is right next to the factory. Ben's farm, which is run without pesticides, is very kind to bees and grows rapidly. In the pumpkin field filled with kindness, there were many ripe pumpkins that had slowly ripened on the trees and turned golden yellow. When you rub the skin, you can smell the fragrance of yuzu and lavender in addition to the lightness of when it is green.

When I asked him if he could use it, Ben responded in a heartwarming manner, saying that bartering would be fine. Each piece of mead is processed by hand.

〈Tasting Note〉

The color is a slightly cloudy yellow. In addition to the blue color of the kabosu, it has a characteristic sweet smell of yuzu, lavender, and a little rose, which brings to mind the thick mead structure. The soft acidity of ripe kabosu, high alcohol content, and off-dry sugar content are pleasant. We recommend drinking it slightly chilled.

Honey: Honey from Myanmar Fruit: Fully ripe kabosu Fermentation: Fruit juice and peel are added in the middle of the main fermentation, and aged in a tank for one and a half months with the peel still pickled.
Alcohol: 11.3%
pH: 3.79
Residual sugar: 59.8g/L
Contents: 750ml

〈Mead making〉

We picked ripe pumpkins from Ben's field and immediately peeled them and squeezed them by hand. Kabosu fruit juice and peel were added to the mid-fermented mead, and the mead was aged with the skin still marinated. After confirming that the citrus-like sulfur smell slowly dissipates as it ages, it is pasteurized and bottled.

A smaller amount of yeast than before is added to the must (pre-fermented mead), which has a high initial sugar content, to create a product that is expected to have a gorgeous yeast-derived aroma. The combination of the scent of kabosu and the scent derived from yeast creates a complex and sweet scent. This bottle has a high alcohol content and a pleasant sweet taste.