MI CASA, SU CASA / Mango Sourmead

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Collaboration mead with BeerCafe Mi-casa, located 5 minutes walk from Ishiyama Station in Shiga Prefecture. The mangoes I used this time are ones that I remember going to Costco to buy. Yes, that Costco. We worked together to ripen it at the factory and then process it. Sourness derived from lactic acid bacteria and strong sweetness typical of mango. I wanted it to have a complex sweet aroma, so I aged it together with the fruit pulp in a bourbon barrel for about half a year.

The product name this time is "MI CASA, SU CASA." Literally translated, "My house is your house." It is a word commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries, and is said when you want to convey your feelings to a customer, ``Please take your time.''

It has the sweetness typical of mead, but it also has a strong acidity. You can enjoy it leisurely at night, or pair it with Spanish food during the day. But the best thing is drinking at Mi-casa while having fun and talking. ¡ Salud!

Style: Fruited Sour Mead

ABV (alcohol content): 12%

Contents: 500ml

Ingredients: Mango, pure honey

Sweetness (5 levels): 5 (Very Sweet )

Drinking temperature: Normal temperature (14-20℃)

Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool, dark place

* Contains no antioxidants, colorants or fragrances. 


This mead is a collaboration with BeerCafe Mi-casa, located a 5-minute walk from Ishiyama Station in Shiga Prefecture. The mango we used this time was a memorable mango that we all went to Costco to buy. We worked together to make it ripen at the factory and then process it. It has a sourness derived from lactic acid bacteria and a strong sweetness typical of mangoes. We also wanted to add a complex sweet aroma, so we aged the mango and its pulp in bourbon barrels for about six months .

The name of this product is "MI CASA, SU CASA" in respect to BeerCafe Mi-Casa. Sho-kun may have an aesthetics of not saying too much, but we thought it would be just like us to say it out loud. It has a strong sweetness that is typical of mead, but the acidity is also strong enough to keep it tight. It is good to drink slowly at night or with Spanish food in the afternoon. But the best thing to do is to drink it while having ¡A good conversation at Mi-casa. Salud!

Style:Fruited Sparkling Mead

ABV: 12%

Size: 500ml

Ingredients:Mango, Pure Honey

Sweetness (1-5): 5 (Very Sweet)

Ideal serving temperature: Room (14-20℃)

How to store:Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight








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マンゴーのミード | Mi Casa, Su Casa
スペック_マンゴーのミード Mi Casa, Su Casa