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A group with good drinks and a great atmosphere

The Japanese translation of ANTELOPE is serow.
The word "brewing" means making alcohol and creating a good atmosphere.
We want to be a group of brewers who create delicious drinks and a good atmosphere.

With that in mind,
I named it "Antelope = ANTELOPE".

Enjoy some delicious drinks,
In order to create a good atmosphere during your drinking time,
Today we will continue to work hard on making mead in Shiga Prefecture.

Why Mead

We were obsessed with craft beer,
Participated in Shibuya beer festival in 2019.

At that time, I happened to come across America's Superstition Meadery's ``4 types of cacao and cassis mead'', which had a strong impact on me that I had never felt before.
Started research on making mead.

When I tried to talk to the person making the mead,
Learn about the current situation where there are too few breweries in Japan, let alone in the world.

I thought, “It’s a shame that such an interesting drink doesn’t become more popular.”
We decided to launch Japan's first brewery exclusively dedicated to mead.

It's fun to learn things you don't know.
It's fun to try new alcohol.

Our exploration of mead has only just begun.
Our mission is to spread this enthusiasm from Shiga to the world.

What's Craft Mead

“Craft Mead” is a challenging and free alcoholic beverage that expresses a wide range of flavors.

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey.

It is said to be the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world.
It has been loved by people for many years.

For this reason, mead made with only honey, water, and yeast is called traditional mead.
It is called (traditional mead).

This traditional mead,
Various fruits, spices, botanicals,
Or, by mixing sub-ingredients such as grains, we are creating a wide range of flavors never seen before.

Craft mead is an old and new alcoholic beverage.

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Our Passion

Don't be bound by common sense

While we value tradition in making mead,
I value not being bound by common sense.

For example, honey determines the flavor structure of mead.

The honey we use is "Hyakka Honey" from Myanmar.
Sunflowers, sesame seeds, lychees, jujubes, etc.
Honey is collected from various plants.

It is characterized by a rich flavor that is not only sweet but also bitter and astringent.
There are few other honeys with this astringency and bitterness,
When made into mead, it really tightens the flavor.
Thanks to this characteristic, it expresses a taste with a good balance of sweetness and bitterness.

Easy to match with the diet we are aiming for.
For making relatively dry mead,
This is the perfect honey.

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Pursuit of raw materials

"Pursuing raw materials"
That is the basis of our mead making.

Visiting farmers and beekeepers across Japan,
The atmosphere created by the producers and the taste of the ingredients,
We work hard to make mead that is filled with the smell and things that we feel at that place.

We want to be involved in the production of raw materials ourselves.
I also started beekeeping in 2023.

It will still take some time, but we would like to continue making mead while valuing our relationships with producers for all raw materials.

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