〈Brewer's Note〉Ginger Cat2

The mead “Ginger cat” released last year using ginger has been improved and is now available this year!

In addition to new ginger from Yamazaki Ginger Farm in Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture, which we have been using since last year, we would like to introduce ``Ginger cat2'' which uses ``Bushukan'', a rare citrus fruit that has been passed down in Shimanto.


It takes about 7 hours by car from Shiga Prefecture to Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture. Mr. Yamazaki's farm is located right next to the Shimanto River, which is said to be the last clear stream in Japan. Exactly one year ago, Mr. Yamazaki warmly welcomed me to Kochi Prefecture with just the desire to make ginger mead. They are the kindest and warmest farmers who have welcomed us like family again this year, even though we haven't seen each other again in a year.

I want this year's Ginger Cat to be more advanced than last year. As I was thinking about any ideas, I remembered a story. There are citrus fruits that can only be found in Shimanto. The name is Bushukan. When I asked Mr. Yamazaki if he would like to try it out, he said, "We have it at home."

Bushukan looks similar to citrus fruits such as Kabosu and Sudachi, but its aroma and taste are quite different. It smells like oysters and has minerals. Please enjoy the blessings of Shimanto.

〈Tasting Note〉

A whitish yellow reminiscent of fresh ginger. You can feel the soft ginger scent typical of new ginger, citrus, and the sea-like scent derived from Bushukan. The mouthfeel is very light, with a bit of the minerality found in white wines. And the sourness from Bushukan tightens the finish. It goes perfectly with food and can be especially enjoyed with seafood dishes and Japanese dishes. Sashimi in the hot season and oden in the cold season. It will be useful in all seasons.

Honey: Honey from Myanmar Spices: New ginger Fruit: Bushukan fermentation: Ginger is made into juice and mixed with honey for main fermentation. After the main fermentation, Bushukan fruit juice and peel are added and aged in a tank.
Alcohol: 6.6%
pH: 3.77
Residual sugar: 35g/L
Contents: 500ml

〈Mead making〉

This time, we wanted more people to enjoy it, so we aimed for a lower alcohol content than previous meads, and a taste that could be enjoyed with meals. In order to bring out the soft ginger flavor typical of fresh ginger, instead of adding fresh ginger as is, we purposely make it into juice and then mix it with honey and ferment it. Due to its low alcohol content and low sugar content, we took advantage of the sourness and minerality of Bushukan to avoid a light taste.